Worldwide Lottery Game + Passive Income Matrix

WorthyBuck LMG LLC (NABV)
Registered in Country of Curaçao

Operational Online Gambling License: NV2049321



I. Definitions

  1. Organizer of the activities - the organizer of all activities on the worthybuck.com website is the company WorthyBuck LMG LLC.

  2. Platform - this is the software, servers, associated databases, external services and algorithms that together provide a common system accessible through a web application at worthybuck.com, called WorthyBuck for short.

  3. User - any Internet user who voluntarily accessed the worthybuck.com website and took advantage of the services provided and owning an account in the platform.

    1. The user is obliged to use the platform in good faith and to report any error promptly to support@worthybuck.com.

    2. If a user has intentionally abused a weakness or bug in the platform's programming code instead of reporting it, their account will be permanently suspended without any compensation due.

    3. By participating in a game on the WorthyBuck platform, the customer ensures that he is aware that he is placing bets on a gambling game and realizes the real chance of winning.

  4. Regulator - a regulatory institution that has the right to control the activities of WorthyBuck is the Curacao Gaming Control Board. All activities on the Platform are deemed to be done within the territorial jurisdiction of the Autonomous Island State of Curacao.

  5. Lottery Game

    1. Draws - every 10 minutes

    2. Description - 20 out of 80 possible numbers (from 1 to 80) are drawn.

    3. Bet - a bet can be made with up to 12 different numbers in the range of the game - from 1 to 80.

    4. Winnings from the lottery game - the winnings are different according to the number of numbers in the bet. The maximum win is $1,000,000 when the player has bet 12 numbers and all are present in the 20 drawn.

    5. Prize Pool - 50% of all ticket sales proceeds go into a prize pool from which prize money is paid out to winners.

    6. Reserve Fund - replenished from all the additional revenue that WorthyBuck generates from missed user bonuses (lost bonuses).

  6. Tickets

    1. Prices - 1 ticket = 1 USD

    2. Packages - 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 tickets in a package

    3. Betting - 1 ticket serves for 1 bet

    4. Purchase - the user can purchase tickets by crypto payment with USDTTRC20 (Tether) or by accumulated money in their own account balance.

    5. Transfer - the ticket transfer feature is available after the user has placed at least 10 bets and currently has tickets available. When this option is available, a user can send from their available tickets to another user using the registration email as the sending account reference.

  7. Passive income Matrix

    1. Global Matrix - structure with predefined positions. WorthyBuck uses the 3x3 Matrix model, which means that from each position, 3 more new positions originate. Thus, at each level of the global matrix there are 3 times more positions than the previous one - 1st level - 3 positions, 2nd level - 9 positions, 3rd level - 27 positions, 4th level - 81 positions, etc. 

    2. Private Matrix - uses the same 3x3 Matrix model as the global matrix. Each Private Matrix is ​​part of the global one. From each account that is a member of the matrix (has taken its position), its Private Matrix begins.

    3. Matrix Member - any account that has added 10 tickets to their account, regardless of whether they bought them or had them sent to them, takes a position in the global matrix.

    4. Autocomplete function - for users who register freely, without a referral link, the global matrix positions them in the first free row. In this way, the blanks in the user matrices are filled.

    5. Private Matrix capacity - the Private Matrix has a maximum capacity of 10 levels in depth, which equates to a maximum of 88,572 accounts from which the user has the opportunity to receive bonuses and commissions.

  8. Cash flow

    1. Lottery winnings - lottery winnings the user receives if he has guessed a certain number of numbers in one draw according to the table of odds and the number of numbers in the bet.

    2. Commissions - The commission fee starts at 4% and can be upgraded to 6%. The commission is calculated from the price of 1 ticket, which is 1 dollar. For example, a 4% level commission brings $0.04/bet from a user in the Private Matrix. The accrual takes place at the time of the bet. 

      1. Upgrade 1 - unlocks after 3 referred people and increases the commission by 1%;

      2. Upgrade 2 (Bet For More) - each bet increases the commission fee by 0.01% during the first 15 days since the user is a member of the matrix. Maximum increase up to 1%.

    3. Bonuses 

      1. Matrix Winnings - locked at first. Unlocked by 10 referred people and 500 bets made since the account exists. It gives 1% based on all lottery winnings from the user's Private Matrix accounts.

      2. Earn Lost Bonus - Unlocks when a user has 100 referred people and 1000 lifetime bets made. Entitles the user to receive the bonuses for which the users in his matrix were not qualified. If there is more than 1 user in the parent chain of the bettor who has unlocked this bonus, the bet amount is divided between them.

  9. Balance

    1. Income - in this section, all possible flows of incoming funds to the account are visualized, namely lottery winnings, commissions, bonuses and deposits made, with which funds are added to the balance.

    2. Expenses - in this section, all incurred expenses from the balance are visualized - purchase of tickets, through the balance, transaction fees, etc.

    3. Withdrawals - this section displays all withdrawals made and the current status.

  10. Referred People - these are new accounts that the user joins by providing a referral link or invitation, for which they receive the bonus ticket for betting on the lottery game. These tickets are locked until new users add at least the same number of tickets to their account, either by purchase or received from another using the Send Tickets feature. For each user, the Referred People Index is important to unlock bonuses and upgrades. When a referral buys tickets, he/she becomes part of the Private Matrix of the user who invited him/her with a referral link or invitation.

  11. Bonus Qualified - in order to receive bonuses and commissions, each user must be "Bonus Qualified" at the time of distribution of the relevant bonus or commission. With a certain number of bets today, the user qualifies for bonuses and commission for tomorrow up to a certain level of his Private Matrix:

    1. 1 bet today - up to 1st level (max 3 accounts) tomorrow

    2. 2 bets today - up to 2nd level (max 12 accounts) tomorrow

    3. 3 bets today - up to 3rd level (max 39 accounts) tomorrow

    4. 4 bets today - up to 4th level (max 120 accounts) tomorrow

    5. 5 bets today - up to 5th level (max 363 accounts) tomorrow

    6. 6 bets today - up to 6th level (max 1,092 accounts) tomorrow

    7. 7 bets today - up to 7th level (max 3,279 accounts) tomorrow

    8. 8 bets today - up to 8th level (max 9,840 accounts) tomorrow

    9. 9 bet today - up to the 9th level (max 29,523 accounts) tomorrow

    10. 10 bets today - up to the 10th level (max 88,572 accounts) tomorrow

  12. Lost bonuses - the funds in the form of bonuses and commissions that were not absorbed by users due to lack of Bonus qualification.



II. Depositing and Withdrawing Money

  1. Depositing money can only be done by crypto payment in the Tether (USDTTRC20) currency of the TRON network. After the deposit is made, the specified amount appears in the user's balance, after deduction of transaction fees.

  2. Withdrawal of money outside the system occurs through a crypto payment in the Tether (USDTTRC20) currency of the TRON network. The user sets his address generated on the TRON network. Each time after adding an address or changing it, the user must wait 72 hours until the address is added to the list of allowed withdrawal addresses. This limits opportunities for abuse.

  3. Withdrawals are calculated 1:1 (1 USD = 1 USDTTRC20 token).

  4. Every withdrawal needs approval. It usually takes a few minutes to 24 hours for the withdrawal to complete. Amounts greater than the current value of 1 BTC may take up to 48 hours depending on payment processor policies.



III. Exceptional circumstances

  1. Any bet may be voided and returned to the user if it violates the rules of the game(s) conducted by the organizer in any way.

  2. The Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to declare a bet void if it is suspected that:

    1. bets are announced, placed and/or accepted due to error - "Error" can be human error, typographical error, misunderstanding of printed text or oral statement, mistranslation, spelling error, technical error, registration error, transaction error, error in announcement, force majeure and/or similar circumstances.

    2. Syndicate Betting is carried out - "Syndicate Betting" is a practice prohibited by the organizer, where an account owner circumvents the rules directly or indirectly.

    3. an influence bet has been made - "Influence Betting" is a practice prohibited by the organizer in which an account owner or persons related to the account owner influence the outcome of a game directly or indirectly.

    4. the outcome of the game is directly or indirectly affected by criminal acts.

  3. User winnings are determined based on the rules of each individual game announced on the WorthyBuck platform.

  4. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel bets subsequently if the user has won as a result of an error. The Organizer reserves the right to hold the relevant user liable for any damages caused by the user who deliberately takes advantage of a technical or administrative error in making payments or receiving withdrawals.

  5. The Organizer reserves the right to suspend the payment of winnings if it is established that there is a reasonable assumption that an activity has been carried out by one or a group of participants in order to predetermine the outcome of the game or in the event that there is doubt about the credibility of the conduct of the game. In these cases all bets may be declared void.


IV. Support 

  1. In the event of a problem with access or use of the platform, each user has the right to notify the WorthyBuck team at the following e-mail: support@worthybuck.com.

  2. The WorthyBuck team will make every reasonable effort to remedy the problem that has occurred.

  3. WorthyBuck is not responsible for problems arising due to force majeure or other reasons other than a programming error. 

  4. WorthyBuck has the right to send users unsolicited informational messages.

  5. The user gives consent to WorthyBuck to collect data such as IP address, time of visit, place from which the platform is accessed, browser name and version, operating system and other parameters provided by the web browser through which the access was made.



V. Changes to the Platform

  1. WorthyBuck has the right at any time to make changes and improvements to the Platform, as well as to the form and content of the services provided, as long as the basic functions are not violated.

  2. WorthyBuck has the right to temporarily suspend the services offered if this is necessary for their proper maintenance and updating. In these cases, WorthyBuck is not responsible for the damages and lost profits of users.



VI. Communication with the users

  1. In case of a problem or suggestion, the user can contact the WorthyBuck team through the contact form.

  2. If necessary, the WorthyBuck team can contact the user through their email.

  3. WorthyBuck maintains accounts on social platforms for the purpose of communicating with current and prospective users.