Lottery Game

There are a total of 80 numbers (1 to 80) in the lottery game that users can choose from to place their bets. There is a new lottery draw every 10 minutes. 20 numbers are always drawn, which makes 25% of the available numbers. Users can bet with numbers of their choice, and each bet can be with up to 12 different numbers. Depending on the number of betting numbers, there are different odds for calculating lottery winnings. The maximum winnings from one bet is obtained when playing with 12 betting numbers and they are all part of those 20 that are drawn. It is worth $ 1 million. WorthyBuck uses widely available licensed software that meets the requirements for such activity in known jurisdictions around the world.

Commissions and Bonuses

When a user joins the WorthyBuck Passive Income Matrix, his Private Matrix starts from him, which generates his passive income. The platform provides several tools for generating revenue.
First of all, this is a commission from the bets of the people in the Private Matrix. Each time someone in the Private Matrix makes a bet, the user earns a commission. By default the commission rate is 4%, and can be upgraded to 6% by performing certain actions that unlock the respective upgrades.
Secondly, the platform offers a bonus based on the lottery winnings of people from the Private Matrix. It amounts to 1% of the lottery winnings. In other words, if someone in the Private Matrix wins $1,000,000, the user will receive $10,000 in their balance immediately. This bonus is locked by default and has certain requirements to be unlocked.
Third, the platform offers the opportunity to earn all the lost commissions from the Private. This bonus is also locked by default.
In order to receive commissions and bonuses, you must be Bonus Qualified for the respective day and level of your Private Matrix. This happens with a certain number of bets per day, which in turn allows the uninterrupted flow of bonuses and commissions to users. If the user is not Bonus Qualified, these bonuses are named as lost and go to the general Lottery Winnings Pool, unless the third bonus is unlocked by someone above him.

Passive Income Matrix

The matrix join everyone who buys at least 10 lottery tickets or has received 10 tickets with the "Transfer Tickets" feature. This practically means that anyone who wants to play the lottery will be included in the WorthyBuck Global Passive Income Matrix. This matrix is ​​self-filled by new registrations and by people joined through a referral link. A matrix 3x3 model is used, which allows each position in the matrix to have exactly 3 positions below (neither more nor less). In this way, each subsequent level is three times larger. For example, the first level has 3 positions, the second - 9, the third - 27, the fourth - 81 and so on. There is no need to refer anybody to join the matrix, because it has a autocomplete function. Referring new people helps to unlock additional bonuses and opportunities for higher income from the platform and is only at your choice.


WorthyBuck is not a platform where all users do the same thing and repeat it every day. First of all, it is a lottery, and then it is a platform that allows the generation of passive income.
Each user has the opportunity to use their creativity and create their own unique strategy for making profits in the system. There are so many different combinations and so many variables on which income depends that each user can experiment without repeating the actions of another user.
Let's give some hints:
- everyone can use time frames differently;
- everyone can decide whether to unlock bonuses and upgrades and when to do so;
- whether he wants to develop a certain account, which will then be sold in our platform for sale and auctions of accounts;
- whether he simply wants to wait for the autocomplete function of the matrix to do its job, but at the expense of sacrificing potentially higher income in tens of percent in the future;
- everyone can decide whether to refer more people, to train these people to make the best use of the platform, which will lead to more profits for him;
- everyone can decide even how many accounts they want to create, which requires only different emails (no IP restrictions);
There are certainly many more that you will only think of if you take the time to delve deeper into the WorthyBuck platform.