How the Passive Income Matrix works?
The matrix join everyone who buys at least 10 lottery tickets or has received 10 tickets with the "Transfer Tickets" feature. This practically means that anyone who wants to play the lottery will be included in the WorthyBuck Global Passive Income Matrix. This matrix is ​​self-filled by new registrations and by people joined through a referral link. A matrix 3x3 model is used, which allows each position in the matrix to have exactly 3 positions below (neither more nor less). In this way, each subsequent level is three times larger. For example, the first level has 3 positions, the second - 9, the third - 27, the fourth - 81 and so on. There is no need to refer anybody to join the matrix, because it has a autocomplete function. Referring new people helps to unlock additional bonuses and opportunities for higher income from the platform and it is only at your choice.
Autocomplete function
No Need to refer anybody
Up to 88,572 people

Lottery Game
The Lottery Game is the primary game in the WorthyBuck Play-To-Earn Platform. Everyday bonus qualification are related to the Lottery Game. Playing it the users are allowed much more additional bonuses from all other games and investmets which other users make.
Every 6 Hours
Winnings up to $1,000,000
1 Ticket = 1 USDT (Crypto)

Games with direct interaction between users
Bet with small amount
Winner takes 90% from all money
The Matrix takes 10% as bonuses

How sustainable is WorthyBuck?
This is a very frequently asked question and many users are very interested in this precisely because they invest their funds with us. First of all, you should know that behind WorthyBuck project is a very serious team of in-house developers. All games, structures, investment plans and strategies are highly refined mathematically to be of maximum and long-term sustainability. Secondly, we maintain a high level of cash reserves that are 100% liquid whenever we need them. Thirdly, we are constantly working to build high user confidence in our project and in particular the whole team.

WorthyBuck Treasury Allocations